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Next Open Hours: Tuesday May 3rd

Invitation to Receive Prayer from SVHR
Online sessions continue to occur every first and third Tuesday of the month. You are invited to schedule time to receive prayer on those days. The upcoming virtual prayer room dates are Tuesday May 3rd (Schedule An Appointment) and Tuesday May 17th.

Scriptural Touchstone

Journey to Freedom
How many times have we heard preachers tell us to not lose hope? Simply keep on praying. And another year goes by. Sometimes quickly. Or, at other times, the year crawls forward.

The thing is, God moves suddenly. He seems to wait forever, and then it’s suddenly resolved. Over the course of 400 years, the Israelites went from guests to slaves while living in Egypt. They cried out to God, and God told them that they would be set free. 

Then things got worse. There were plagues of frogs, locusts, diseased livestock, and boils. The Israelites still weren’t free. Then came the threat to kill the firstborn of every family. This came with a special workaround option for the Israelites who were still listening to God.

Finally, release! Then a chase scene of fantastical proportions. The Israelites quickly exited Goshen and went to the ocean, where there was no way to keep going. Now What? Option “c” on the test was the correct answer: “The sea opens up.” 

They walked across dry land. They could hear the army chasing after them. The Israelites made it to the other side, and looked at a desert. The Egyptian army got swallowed up.

If they knew what the next 40 years were going to be like, would their joy have been any less? Did God ever mention the part about becoming men and women of faith? As the seas closed, the Israelites thanked God for their freedom.

After living in the desert for 40 years, they arrived at the Jordan River to cross over. Finally, it was time to enter into their Promised Land. They arrived ready to listen. There was no complaining. There was no doubting that God was their God. 

They knew who their prophets were and listened to them. They were obedient when they heard a new command, or strategy, from God. They weren’t avoiding a battle. They didn’t operate in fear. They knew their God fulfilled His promises. They had learned their God was bigger than any enemy. These were huge adjustments.

God’s plans for His people to walk in victory. Is there any lesson God is teaching you in your health journey? Your faith journey? It is best to learn our lessons as we journey forward. Let us be ready and unafraid of any spiritual battle on the way toward our Promised Land.

Hear my prayer, Lord, listen to my cry for help… (Psalm 39:12) 

God’s Answered Prayer  Last Open Hours we were able to host a traveling minister from Europe. He taught and was able to minister specific prophetic words to any team members and visitors that wanted a personal word from God. It came right after Easter as we are entering into a transition season between Easter and Pentecost.

It is always good to get a fresh word from a prophet to offer insight and direction as we head into a new season.

One woman listed her requests to a prayer team who prayed with her. The woman was able to feel God’s love and hope for her. She left the appointment feeling connected to God in a whole new way.

One woman’s anxiety went from a five to a zero. Her body felt stronger after the appointment. She was able to think about a challenge in a whole new way.

One woman received prayer and her pain went from a 4 to a 1. Additionally, she received a fresh awareness of God’s peace for her. She also left expecting God to move in her life in healing. This is a subtle shift, but it is so important to look for what God is doing both immediately and expectantly each day as we invite Him in prayer to move in our bodies.

The prayers requests were for God to act on many issues including court cases, special needs children and their parents, relationships with family members, brain cancer, insomnia, knee pain, job openings, UTI’s, exhaustion, anxiety, thyroid issues, heart rhythm irregularities, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, hip replacement surgery, migraines, finances, mental clarity, caregiving elderly parents, hearing restored, mold exposure, dietary concerns, spiritual warfare, breast cancer, and eyesight improvement.

Let us join with you in prayer…

Scheduling An Appointment 
Silicon Valley Healing Rooms team of prayer ministers stand ready to help you take your prayer requests to God. They will also seek a word from the Holy Spirit in advance of your appointment. As a reminder, our 30 minute online zoom appointments are set for:

 Morning Times                                                  Evening Times
               11:10 am to 11:40 am                                         7:10 pm to 7:40 pm
               11:55 am to 12:25 pm                                         7:55 pm to 8:25 pm
               12:40 pm to 1:10 pm                                           8:40 pm to 9:10 pm

To sign up for an appointment, use the following two steps:

1. (Required) Let us know your top three appointment times, in order of preference. We will coordinate with the teams and send out zoom connect information on the Monday immediately prior to the appointment.

2. (Optional) Provide us with a cell phone number which can be used to text you any schedule changes. In the event we are unable to offer you one of your desired time slots, if we have a cell number we will text you if an appointment opens up due to a cancelation. This happens from time to time, so we can text to see if you are available to join with a prayer team. All information remains strictly confidential to the ministry and will not be used for solicitation.

We love hearing how God has moved to answer prayers. Please share what God has done in your life as a result of prayer.
Do so by sending us an email, telling us during your appointment, or posting a comment on our website.

More Information 
For more information about the Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, or to support the ministry financially, please visit us online

         It is our greatest joy to join with you in prayer, to pray for whatever is on your heart to bring before God. We pray faithfully, confident that God answers prayer.

        The spiritual winds blow strength, life, and peace into the healing rooms.

The Silicon Valley Healing Rooms       

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