The Silicon Valley Healing Rooms is a safe place to come and receive pray for anything you would like.  We have a team of trained people who pray for people in groups of two or three.  There are no set appointments during our Open Hours.  All Open Hours are “Drop In.”  We pray on a first-come, first-prayed for basis.   People are invited to wait in our “Soaking Room” where we play music and serve water and tea.  People have been healed in this atmosphere of peace.

Visitors fill out a Registration form asking them what they would like prayer for.  We turn these over on the clip board and number them according to first-come, first-serve.  We write whether the person is a male of female.  The clip boards are lined up waiting for members of the prayer stations to come and pray.  Each prayer station prays over the blank piece of paper asking God what He has for that person.  We write down any picture images we receive, or scripture of prophetic words.  Then we turn the paper over and look at what the person wants prayer for.  We look up the medical disease if need be.  Then the prayer team goes to the “soaking room” to bring the individual to the prayer station.  More details of the prayer request are often offered.  Then the team prays for the person.  Then we ask the individual if they would like to hear what God said to the team before they walked in the room. If yes, we offer the person the words or images or scripture.  And pray for whatever the Lord brings up.  We give the person the words or scripture written out. That’s the end of the appointment.

Each appointment is unique.  At the end, there may have been a few handouts that the team might recommend and the visitor can pick these up on the way out.

All are welcome to come and receive prayer.  God is good and powerful.  We see amazing things happen as a result of prayer. Some people get healed right away.  Others leave and see their condition improve over time. We love to hear people’s stories.


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  • I was very hesitant to share about God. However, after accepting Jesus and walking by faith, I transformed into an intercessor who God has used to help others.

  • I could have intermittent times where the Holy Spirit lead me to draw things that I didn’t even know about. I was certain that these drawings were foretelling something in the future Though people doubted me, I truly believed I was drawing in the presence of the holy spirit. Eventually, I began drawing for people who need help emotionally and spiritually, particularly when I was doing the pantry ministry with healing hands from God.

    God was able to show his mercy and grace through my art, like the healing of ankle fractures and healing eyes. Additionally, he gifted me to see visions and to draw and heal them. Walking by faith, I transformed into an intercessor who God has used to help others.