SVHR Open Hours Oct 3, 2017 & Newsletter

SVHR OPEN HOURS October 3, 2017   11am – 1 pm and 7pm – 9pm



Let us Pray words of faith, words of scripture and words of hope.
Let us Pray words of faith, words of scripture and words of hope.


Prayers for all those impacted by the Mandalay Massacre in Las Vegas.  With 58 dead and 515 injured, this event will surely impact people we know.  Many will need healing and comfort.  May this draw people to God, and not away from God.  We need to ask God for wisdom in how we respond or what we allow anyone to tell us to conclude. May the Lord increase the gift of discernment in His people.  May we all ask for more discernment and ability to hear His voice.  May we respond wisely as He asks us to pray for “obscure” and unusual nudges. May we be aware of events or people that He highlights to us for prayer.  Even as we go about our lives, may we expand our prayer requests to pray for others at our offices, our schools, traveling on our freeways/streets, and at our airports, grocery stores, and banks. We ask for healing for those wounded and/or traumatized. Let us not complain, fret or live fearfully. Rather, let us speak words of faith, words of scripture, and words of hope.


Feedback from last month’s Open Hours…

Q:  How was your experience today? 

“Great.  I praise God for what He has for me.”

“I am thankful for the opportunity to meet the Prayer Rooms “process” to the two team members who prayed over and with me.”


Q:  What did God do for you during your time at the Healing Rooms?”

“Today’s prayer session allowed me to better appreciate the ministry of healing here as a participant. Sharing of God’s love for all His children, and Jesus’ love for me. His role as a healer is an act of love.”

“Peace, Hope – knowing He is still working in my life.”

“He gave me more hope that through this power of God I have victory over the enemy.”



“We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life (Romans 6:4).”

Newness of Life. Something about that phrase resonates deep. The Hebrew year 5778 just began and it is a time to press in deeper seeking a new level of life.  In the very midst of our busy schedules, it is time to ask God for something new to pulse into our lives. There’s a new truth coming for some people to learn to stand on.  There’s a new revelation of healing for others.  There’s a new determination to surge forward, reach up, and grab hold of the fulfillment of His promises for this season.

Lord, let us have more of the fullness of life.  More love to penetrate deeper into our hearts.  More joy to bubble up in us.  More peace to stabilize us in the midst of life’s waves. Lord, we need more of you. Let us experience more of your glory.



Toward His goals.  Continue to lift up the team.  God is continuing to train and equip every team member for His special purposes.  What the enemy sends to trip, discourage, or detain are the very climbing steps to take us to higher insights, anointing, and authority.


Congratulations on a team effort last Open Hours to operate and minister to all who came for prayer.  He continues to answer the prayers you have prayed.  Looking forward to partnering with God for all He will bring for prayer tomorrow.

Let heaven come down,

Stephanie Shoquist and Donna Maranon

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara

2499 Homestead Rd. Santa Clara, CA

on the corner of San Tomas and Homestead


Open Hours: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays October 3 & 17 November 7 & 21, December 5 & 19, January 2.

Open Hours: 11 am – 1 pm and also 7 pm – 9 pm.

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