SVHR Open Hours November 21, 2017 & Newsletter

SVHR OPEN HOURS November 21, 2017

11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

Happy Thanksgiving 2018. Thanksgiving is the Antidote to Entitlement  Photo: Arrowhead Builders Assoc
Happy Thanksgiving 2018. Thanksgiving is the Antidote to Entitlement Photo: Arrowhead Builders Assoc



Being thankful is the antidote to being entitled. It is good that America pauses once a year and takes a day to be grateful. We start with being thankful to God. He is our good God, and our good Father.


Feedback from last month’s Open Hours…

Q:  How was your experience today? 

“Wonderful! I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during prayer, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety.”

“Heaven-sent! Not at all what I expected, yet all that I needed. The waiting time allowed God to bless me with some of the books and booklets.”

“Very good, the Lord spoke to my heart through the ministers. Very glad I came.”

“It was amazing. Thank you God.”

Q:  What did God do for you during your time at the Healing Rooms?”

“God provided some pain relief and I noticed an immediate release in tension around my jaw, neck, and shoulders during prayer. Thank you so much!”

“God gave me assurances to “hang in there.” I am exactly where I need to be; there are no mistakes in trusting God and acting as though He is near and has provided, because He is and has and shall continue to do so. Hope for a future and the future is good.”

“Last time, I asked for prayer for my husband and son who both had lingering coughs.  It went away very quickly after being prayed for at SVHR! Thank you!”

“Freedom from stress, word curses and reduced pain.”

“God gave me joy and taught me that nothing is impossible.”


“Show me Your ways, O Lord; Teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; On You I wait all the day” (Psalm 25:4-5).

God likes it when we ask Him to show us His ways. He wants us to watch Him move in our lives and the lives of others. He does this so we can understand His ways.

Sometimes delays in answers to prayer cause us to stay with God and spend time with him. In this time, we learn.  As we wait,

  • we can learn and understand God’s ways
  • we can better understand God’s heart
  • we can trust God more
  • we can surrender our lives
  • we can walk fully in His word

All learning is preparation (molding) for the next level of glory. So let us continue to press in to God and His word.  Let us keep on knocking, keep on seeking and keep on asking. There are more answers ahead:  the one we asked for, and the bonus answers God has for each of us.

For further study, see Psalms 18:30-50, Psalms 25:4-10, John 14:14, James 4:3


In this season of Thanksgiving, THANK YOU for praying so faithfully for the team and for Healing Rooms Open Hours.  May the Lord bless you throughout this holiday with fun surprises and in all the little joys He has for you.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  Our third Tuesday falls two days before Thanksgiving this year. As God nudges your hearts, please come and pray.  People have called, wanting to know if we are open. Come and be blessed in praying for people.  Holidays can highlight deep hurts in people’s lives. Come and sow the seed as God answers whatever your prayers are around Thanksgiving.

Let heaven come down,

Stephanie Shoquist and Donna Maranon

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara

2499 Homestead Rd. Santa Clara, CA

on the corner of San Tomas and Homestead


Open Hours: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays November 21, December 5 & 19, January 2 &16

Open Hours: 11 am – 1 pm and also 7 pm – 9 pm.


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