SVHR Open Hours March 5, 2019 & Newsletter

SVHR OPEN HOURS March 5, 2019  11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm



Dr. Mike Hutchings with Global Awakening,  Prayer Model for Healing PTSD
Dr. Mike Hutchings with Global Awakening, Prayer Model for Healing PTSD


The PTSD conference saw great results in people’s lives. Some people saw their PTSD leave. Others saw challenges become stepping stones, and received hope for healing from PTSD when the medical diagnosis can be hopeless. Some took away the message that they can minister to others before they receive complete healing. And as they pray for others, their symptoms improve. Others felt a shift in the anointing and have been hearing more clearly as to the root causes for people’s prayer requests. Praying to those causes brings positive shift to the situation. The reports continue to come in.  Please share yours!




Two people we have prayed for repeatedly found jobs in the last two weeks! A joyous celebration for answered prayer.

Feedback from our last Open Hours…

Q:  How was your experience today? 

“Really Good. I feel more hope and clarity.”


“Great! Praise God for His goodness, mercy & touch”


Q:  What did God do for you during your time at the Healing Rooms?”

“More clarity, hope, encouragement and future strategy”

“Encouraged me!”

“Peace, comfort, direction”

“I have more hope”


This year many people will come out of a wilderness season. When we come out of the wilderness, we come out as the bride (pictured in Song of Solomon 8:5) leaning on our beloved. We do not lean on our understanding. We come out of the wilderness trusting God completely (Proverbs 3:5-6).  We come out confident in our Lord’s love for us (Ephesians 3:17-19.)

We come out humbled and obedient to whatever He tells us to do. We see these examples in Moses, the Israelites coming out and into the Promised Land, and with Jesus. Moses gained courage he didn’t know he had to go before Pharaoh and demand the release of the Jewish people serving as slaves. The Israelites came out of the wilderness ready for battle under the command of Joshua. God asked them to do something very unusual: to march around the fortified city  of Jericho seven times. They obeyed. The walls fell down. Jesus obeyed God and launched his ministry knowing death would be part of the mission plan.


Being in need of healing can feel like a wilderness season. As God heals, He teaches many lessons along the way. Focusing on the lessons teaches us how to get on board with God’s bigger plan for our lives.



Your prayers make a difference. THANK YOU!!! Continue to pray over the team members for health and availability to pray. Continue to ask for the right balance of team members and visitors.  Your prayers shift the battle to victory for a successful Open Hours. Thank you!



Special teachers and worship leaders are in store for you this Open Hours. Come ready to learn and be blessed as the Lord prepares you to be His hands and feet in prayer for others. As promised, this is a year of acceleration. We are seeing people respond to God’s healing touch during the appointments.


The spiritual winds are blowing….

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms

First Presbyterian Church of Santa Clara

2499 Homestead Rd. Santa Clara, CA

on the corner of San Tomas and Homestead


Open Hours: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays: March 5 & 19, April 2 & 16, May 7 & 21, 2019.

Open Hours: 11 am – 1 pm and also 7 pm – 9 pm.

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