SVHR Open Hours August 7, 2018 & Newsletter

Praying for Those Impacted by the Carr Fire 2018 in Redding, California
Praying for Those Impacted by the Carr Fire 2018 in Redding, California

SVHR OPEN HOURS August 7, 2018

11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm



It is a dry summer in California, and there are fires all over the state. Some have been contained. Others continue to rage. Let us pray for those living with uncertainty as to whether they might need to evacuate or not. Let us pray for those who have lost their homes, and the devastation that goes with that. Let us pray for our firefighters, and all the first responders collaborating in this time of need. Let us pray for the scorched land. And the animals who have lost their habitat. “


“God, please shift the wind. Send unusual rains that help put out the fires. Send your angels of fire to stand on ridges and turn the fire lines back. Send comfort to those facing loss. Let us reach across differences and help our fellow neighbors. Lord, heal those who have been harmed in the fire’s way. Let there be shelter, food and water for all in the midst of this disaster. Lord, let people come together in unity, and in prayer, asking for what only you can do. Thank you for your love and provision in the midst of these fires. Let people see your goodness beyond the dire circumstances. Together we ask this in Jesus’ name.”


Many are giving money where needed. At the Joyce Meyer conference in San Jose this weekend, 100% of the Friday offering was given to Hand of Hope efforts helping survivors of the Carr fire in Redding. For other ways to help specifically, click reply and we can send you specific charities and ministries dedicated to help victims of the fire.


Feedback from our last Open Hours…

Q:  How was your experience today? 

“Wonderful! Encouraging. Thank you.”

“Positive. Healing”

“It went well.”


Q:  What did God do for you during your time at the Healing Rooms?”

“Gave me hope! Assurance I am where He has me! Edified by the Word and Body!”

“I was reminded that I am on the right path. They [the prayer team] renewed my hope. Thank you.”

“Not sure. To be determined.”

“Validated and encouraged”

“During prayer, I felt God take stress away from my shoulders, neck, and jaw, and my pain is greatly relieved. God also gave the vision of a waltz, reminding me to play a waltz I composed to honor Him and stay focused on Him.”


Warfare levels have been rising for many. As such, it’s time to ask God for a new weapon from God’s armory. Explain the challenge, and ask Him to give you a new weapon of warfare. You can select from any of the ones mentioned below in Healing Truth. Or He may have one customized for your needs. Ask, open your hands, and see what He places there.


Here are three weapons to consider:

1.         Weapon of Worship. Treat yourself to praise and worship music. Let the words sink deep into your spirit renewing hope. Let the worship remind you of God’s faithfulness. Play worship music in the background of your home where the sound can create an atmosphere of joy and healing. Let it remind you of God’s promises, and His strength even when we feel weak.


2.         Weapon of Testimony. When people come to the Healing Rooms, they get healed. Pain levels drop. Stress goes. Hope gets restored. Each of the people getting healed of (sometimes serious) diseases offers us a story of hope that we can consider. If God healed them, He can heal us. It is up to us to focus on these stories of God’s victory in peoples’ lives. These stories inspire us. People on the prayer team see God meet people in appointment after appointment. They leave knowing God cares about every visitor they met. Their front row seat encourages them and increases their faith. God is faithful. It is up to us to remind ourselves of these real life stories. It builds up our faith.


3. Weapon of Alignment. When our life aligns with God’s will for our lives, there is peace. There is supernatural strength to endure whatever comes our way. There is an inner joy, even if our day is filled with conflicts and meetings that end in stalemate. If we know we are aligned and on the path we are supposed to be, we also know God has a plan and a purpose for us in the midst of wherever we are on our journey. We can stay the course knowing God is big enough to make everything work together for good.

There are many more weapons. Let us ask God to open our eyes to what truth in scripture He wants us to grab hold of and learn more about at a deeper level.


Thank you for praying dear ones. We are excited to see how God continues to meet the needs of those He brings to the Healing Rooms for prayer. There was such a theme of hope renewal last time we met. And we are seeing people who come for healing, also meet Jesus as Savior and Lord. Chuck Pierce said in June that there will be so much healing in California that people will be dancing in the streets. Let us pray together into this

The spiritual winds are starting to blow,

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms

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Open Hours: 1st and 3rd Tuesdays August 7 & 21, September 4 & 18, October 2 & 16.

You can mark your calendars for all the first and third Tuesdays monthly for all of 2018.

Open Hours: 11 am – 1 pm and also 7 pm – 9 pm.

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