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Open Hours October 7, 2014

Forgiveness - Michael Hickman
Forgiveness. Photo credit to Michael Hickman

SVHR is OPEN October 7 from 11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

Rosh Shoshanna to you.  It’s the year 5775.  Here are some of the prophetic words for the year 5775:

A time of acceleration is upon us (John Belt)

We are in a season of God’s time of Preparation and Purpose (Kathy Pelton)

As in the days of Nehemiah, It’s Begun (Theresa Phillips)

The Awe of God is returning to His People (Bobby Conner)

We are in a Season of giving Birth (Ken Malone)

This baby is coming quicker than we think (Bonnie Jones)

An overshadowing of the Holy Spirit is taking place in the church

We must not grow weary

The year 5775 is a year of watching and revelation (Paulette Reed)

It’s a year of releasing for the land:  Keep God’s decrees, observe His laws

It’s a year of Increased Faith

In the Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, we are seeing God bring more and more people for prayer.  He is also raising up the Prayer Team to pray.  Our Prayer Team is getting strengthened as we pray and watch what God does.  People’s faith is increasing as they come hungry expecting a move of God in their physical well being as well as seeing God move in their circumstances.

Healings happen both in the moment, as we see physical changes before our eyes, as well as over time.  We see the continued improvement in people as they return for additional prayer.  We see God strengthen people’s faith, trust and confidence in God as He heals.  These are the ingredients for gaining and maintaining health for life.


Early in September, we had a woman visit with severe headaches and back pain.  The team prayed and the headache she arrived with left her.  Then the team prayed about the back pain. It went from a 10 to an 8.  They prayed some more.  It went down to a 3 level.  They prayed some more.  The pain left and she was able to bend and touch her toes.  She literally jumped up and down with joy.  The entire soaking room heard her shouts.  It was a very blessed day.

We have had the privilege of praying three times for people visiting us in wheel chairs and for the people that came with them.  They too needed prayer.  We saw tears and hope start to reach their hearts.  One woman had pain so bad that she had told her daughter she wanted to die.  We acknowledged the intensity of the pain.  But we renounced the invitation that it was okay to die.  We asked God to fill her with His purpose.

One woman writes, “Came in with anxiety, worry, stress and confusion regarding things at home and the care for my parent who is wheelchair bound.  My stress headache has left, and I feel more at peace with the decisions I need to make regarding my mother.”

The team saw ahead of time the God loves her and to be comforted.  She was to give her problems all to God.  They saw a picture of an antenna, cell tower and satellite dishes.  The recommended to her to take time to achieve a 5-bar connection with Jesus.  She came in and the team prayed for her requests.  There was a shift in her attitude and approach to her circumstances.  She left feeling very different and hopeful.

One man writes, “Cured of 2 cancers after 1 year of praying and praying for guidance for my doctors.  Still praying and asking for guidance for my doctors for remaining issues.  I fully expect to be restored to complete 100% health through prayer.  Thank and praise God for my healing and for SVHR and for guidance in my life.”

PRAISE GOD.  There have been many powerful prayer team members praying.

One woman writes, “Broken marriage.  Anger.  Unforgiveness.  After prayer, I feel God’s peace around me.  I just need to let go with that anger and laugh at the enemy.”

The team saw a shooting star in the dark night.  They said to make a wish and seek honestly.  This person’s answer to prayer will come with time.  It also moves fast.  Jesus will take them and move them forward from the past to a new place.  Jesus says, “I surround you on all sides, and I am holding you in my hand.”  The man came in for healing on his spinal column.  He asked for prayer in believing for his short and long term future.   He was comforted by what the team saw in advance in addition to the prayer for the specific issues he came to get prayer about.

The team saw ahead of time, light, hope and healing.  They got the verse Rev. 21:5  “Behold I make all things new.”  They saw a waterfall – washing all concerns and things away.  God was refreshing her world.  The prayer request was from someone who wanted prayer for a persistent rash.  They team prayed.  She was very comforted by all the picture images ahead of time.

Team saw the person hang gliding – fun, beautiful, isolated and lonely.  She wasn’t sure where or how to land  They got Hebrews 12:1-2 talking about faith and the cloud of witnesses and throwing off entanglements.  She was to persevere and fix her eyes on Jesus.  She was like a pineapple:  hard on the outside and deliciously sweet on the inside.  The woman came in with a long list of requests.  But each of the things the team saw seemed like an answer from God in advance of even knowing what the prayer list entailed.

The team thought of Psalm 30:5.  They saw a mother with large heart, care about her children, a restless soul.  The woman came in asking prayer for peace in her life and healing in her right knee from a persistent pain for 3 years.  The pain went from a 3-4 level to 0 after praying.  She was further comforted by the words and scripture the team received in advance.


My church has been doing a series lately titled, “In Search of Happy.”  While many seek happy, they are really seeking God’s joy for their lives.  My pastor John Ortberg defines joy as a pervasive sense of well being.”  He asked the question, “How does one get rid of the pain and power of the past?  He had my undivided attention since so many of the people that come to SVHR are looking to get past pain and power of the past.

He looked at three roots and offered three suggestions.  His solutions are often what take place in SVHR prayer appointments with people.

1.  If it’s our actions that have caused the problem, we can bring it to God, confess our part, repent, receive His forgiveness and move forward.

2.  If it’s another person’s actions points that have caused the problem, or if it’s something that happened to me at the hand of another person, we can move to the path of forgiveness.  We give up our right to hurt someone back.  We surrender it to God for His wisdom in what to do.  Our past educates us, but it doesn’t devastate us.  With God’s help we can move forward.

3.    If it’s adverse circumstances, we can turn to the promises of God.  Evil does not get the last word.  God is bigger than the circumstances.  Only God can somehow make all things work together for good.  As we can grab hold of His bigness and desire to do this, we can give Him our despair and discouragement in return for the resurrection of Hope.

In sharing the stories of how God heals, it imparts hope for others. Their testimonies touch our hearts and gird us up so we can go to God and also get the love, hope and faith for our journey.  Serving on the Healing Rooms Prayer team gives us a front row seat watching God uniquely meet each person who comes for prayer.


The Lord has been good in giving us ways to meet the volume of people coming for prayer in September.  We have record levels of visitors and appreciate the time commitment of our team members to stay and meet with each person.  God is answering YOUR prayers.  Thank you for your faithfulness in praying.


Thank you for hearing from God and obeying Him, as you come to bless others with healing prayer.  May the Lord give you wisdom as you adjust your schedules for fall.  Thank you for making the time to come and pray for others.  It is our prayer that the Lord will multiply blessings back to you as you come to serve.


Thank you to Joanna Gill for her wonderful service in serving on the Healing Rooms Director Team.  She has decided to move to a new calling at this time.

Welcome to Cathy Railton who is coming on board as Associate Director.  For all who have had the privilege of praying with Cathy, you will learn new dimensions of God’s love and presence for you, for the people prayed for and for our ministry.

To His glory,

Stephanie Shoquist and Susan Mitchell and Cathy Railton

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, SunnyvaleCA

557 Hyannis Dr.SunnyvaleCA94087



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