SVHR Newsletter and Open Hours June 17, 2014

Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed...For You are my praise."  Jer 17:14
Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed…For You are my praise.” Jer 17:14

WE ARE OPEN June 17 from 11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

Last time we were open (June 3), we learned that many of our own team members (and intercessors) had been experiencing unusual nightmares, dark thoughts, tough days, feeling overwhelmed and discouragement.  It felt unusually “heavy.”  We prayed through this and had two great times of worship.  The teaching was light and upbeat with a humorous healing story.  Many of our own team members took the time to be on the receiving end of prayer (we had the luxury of time both in the morning and the evening to accommodate this.)  By the end of the evening, things were better.  It felt like that spirit of heaviness “broke.”

We learned that “it wasn’t just us.”  When one team member shares about having a nightmare for the first time in 15 years (two in one night, in fact) and another member says, “Me too!”, we all realized it was a corporate attack.  Knowing this made it feel better.

Two, we all realized that worship and praise are key turning points in the battle.  We can know this, but doing it (especially together) is powerful.  As we sang the classic song, “We Exalt Thee” out loud and together, we all felt a shift in the rooms and we all felt more ready for whatever God wanted to do.

Three, determination helped push us past the agitating obstacles.  We determined together that SVHR is pursuing God’s passion to heal people – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We ended by interpreting this broad based attack as confirmation that we are on the right path. We expect God to do great and mighty things.


One woman writes, “Came with a heavy heart.  Prayer help and my countenance to be restored.  Prayer-er prayed directly for digestive tract which was a major problem that we had not talked about.  Bless God.

A woman writes, “I received from Jesus a wonderful deliverance of a heavy burden. Angelic pressure surrounded me and my house and daughter.  I learned Joyfare – to release joy.  I can now live in freedom with Jesus holding my hand.  The recent trouble and trauma has disappeared and I now have a feather that I can carry instead of the burden.  Jesus (and Holy Spirit) are always there with me and I didn’t have to have fear and be afraid.

Ahead of time, a prayer team member saw a “necklace of jewels” with Psalm 4:8 and Psalm 23:4.  The individual wrote down that they felt a “choking” spirit. They prayed that God was take away the “choking” spirit and gave her the new necklace of jewels instead.  The individual was very happy about the trade off.  The individual desired to walk in rain and cleansing.  The team worked on the spiritual cleansing of the house.  They broke through self-condemnation issues with the individual.

A woman who had just come through a difficult period in life asked for baptism of Holy Spirit.  The team prayed and blessed.  The team asked her to picture Jesus.  He was there, she said but at an arm’s length. The team kept praying and then sat down to share the words they had received earlier for her. She opened her eyes and said that Jesus had just come nearer and touched her on the cheek.  This was good news.  It felt like some blocking spirits were there, but she was able to connect and feel the presence of Jesus up close.  She will likely remember that touch more than the words and verses that the team received for her.


Most of us know that we rarely say one prayer and get the answer.  There is something to the verse in Jude 3 about contending. “Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.”  To contend means to strive or to maintain or to assert.  Mature saints know we need to continue in prayer till we see the desired results.

Healing may happen quickly, or even miraculously.  Afterwards, it is not uncommon for certain symptoms to try to come back.  The person needs to recognize it as a symptom and command it off their bodies.  Most of the time, it will go quickly.  The victory has been attained and we must contend to keep it.  There are possibilities where other extenuating circumstances need to be addressed.  But in the majority of testimonies, healed people will share that after they were healed, there was a time or two where they wondered if it were all a dream or if all the impact of the infection had been cleared up.  They might wake up “feeling” like they used to feel before being healed. The people with the testimonies have learned to tell the symptom to leave in the name of Jesus whereupon they return to complete health.

We had a woman call last week who received prayer during our training.  The condition was a sinus infection.  She had received prayer during a breakout session of 5 or 6 people who were all practicing praying for people.  They prayed and she felt a little better.  She went home and over the next few days, her sinuses cleared up 100%. This was amazing to her—and to her husband.  It had been months of various medications and nothing had worked.  After her healing, she said she had a few days of starting to feel congested.  She took authority and said, “I don’t want no more of that infection.  Symptoms, get off of me in the name of Jesus.”  And they did within a few hours and she has been in complete health for three months now.  Glory to God.


Thank you for continuing to make Healing Prayer a priority in your schedules.  You reflect His glory as you look to heaven and receive what is in heaven and then give it out in prayer to those around you.

May the Lord fill you with hope believing in the power of the Holy Spirit at work in you,

Stephanie Shoquist & Joanna Gill & Susan Mitchell

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, SunnyvaleCA

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