SVHR Newsletter & Open Hours January 7, 2014

Bringing in the New Year with Joy and Expectant Hearts
Bringing in the New Year with Joy and Expectant Hearts

Open Hours January 7, 2014  11am to 1pm, and 7-9 pm


Can you feel it in the air?  This is the year that God will be answering long term prayer requests.  God has heard all our prayers all along.  His answers are yes and amen to all requests according to His will.  Sometimes we don’t see immediate results to our prayers because part of the answer involves getting the particular person we are praying about to come to a new realization of God.  He has many ways of asking someone to consider a new perspective about life.  All the while, we can thank Him for his ongoing efforts to heal and bring people toward him.


Even if we haven’t seen dramatic changes yet, I feel God directing us to add more praise into our prayer time.  I have a relative that has grow quite distant from God.  So I pray for a reconnection with the scriptural truths from his upbringing and for a renewal of relationship with God.  God has given me new things to “declare” in the spirit realm about this relative.  “He is kind and compassionate.  He sees things from both sides of all issues.”  These are not exactly evident traits currently.  God has changed my heart and changed my prayer as the New Year commences.  The renewed heart of my relative is closer that it seems.  And God started by changing my heart.  May His compassion and love in us change our expectations and hope and prayers.  May our hope turn to trust and confident belief this year.


This year is the time to reignite prayer on old and new dreams and desires before our Lord.  Ask Big because the Lord hears your prayers.  As our lives get more whole, have you noticed how He invites us to keep praying?  As we do so, in accordance with His heart, the prayers go beyond us to others, and to our corporate needs for our cities, our states, and our nation.  We have a renewed invitation to bring BIG prayers before God in His throne room this year.





Along the lines of shift in long term prayer requests, we invite all people who come to our healing rooms to return as often as they like for prayer till they are where they want to be with God, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Some feel they need to come once and that’s sufficient.  Others take the offer to return multiple times.  God has brought us several people who are battling emotional challenges as well as physical challenges.  We are seeing shift in attitudes.  Hope is coming to people with depression. Joy is being released to people who feel low.  We are seeing people come with a physical need and ask how to be closer to God.  We pray for God to come and walk with them.  They leave with a different expression in their faces.  And yes, we pray for the originating physical symptom.  They take away health, and the knowledge of how to look at and move closer to God. Sometimes we hit a “wall” of defense about a particular topic or issue, which we honor, and invite them to come back.  God is at work on our prayers in the in between times.


We had a woman come in for healing for cancer a few months ago.  She was seeking prayer in several places.  She talked with one of our prayer team members over the holidays and is doing much better in strength and remission of symptoms.  They doctors have even blessed her with a positive diagnosis that she is on the path toward complete remission.  Our prayer team member asked what helped make the difference.  She said one of the dramatic turning points physically in her body feeling strong again came the day after she showed up to volunteer to help others.  She had heard a sermon preached (probably not coincidence, but rather an answer to prayer) that encouraged people to help others even if we’re not completely whole themselves.  She took this to heart. She realized she’s surrounded by other cancer patients and in a much better position to help than other people. So she made a decision to commit to helping other cancer patients.  After one day of acting this out, she said she noticed a shift in her body and has steadily been getting better ever since.




Healing Thought

The previous testimony says it all.  We don’t have to be completely healed, or perfect to help others.  It’s in our current state, as we decide to do what we can, that God uses whatever we offer him.  Sometimes it’s our weaknesses that put us in places that we would never otherwise go.  2 Corinthians 12:9 reminds us that God’s power is made perfect in weakness.  God works with our willingness to be available – not with a requirement to be perfect.


I find it interesting that it’s helping others that we gain strength. We had a prayer team member bring a friend for prayer who needed prayer for cancer.  She had not come to pray on the team that day.  She was truly focused on her friend and making all the transportation efforts and monitoring all the physical needs that required intermittent attention. That afternoon the prayer team needed another person to open an additional prayer station.  So we asked her if she could pray while she waited.  She declined at first.  Then we limited the time frame to just a ½ hour while she was waiting with the promise to take care of her friend.  She agreed.


In agreeing to help the prayer team with her valuable asset of being a trained team member and knowing how to hear from God, God met her in ways she didn’t expect. Her friend received individual prayer from other members of our team and was blessed.  The visitor prayed for received an amazing blessing from our prayer team member.  It also focused our prayer team member away from the urgency and overwhelming needs of her friend, toward how big our God is and what He does in healing for other conditions.  It invigorated her faith to see God work in the visitor’s life. The visitor’s needs were great.  Caring about other people’s needs remind us that there are others outside our world struggling with things we can not imagine.  Nothing is impossible with God. This awareness broadens our perspective.  Together, we call upon God, and ask Him into the middle of one another’s muddles. He can make a path where there is no path.  Psalm 16:11  “You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is the fullness of joy; At your right hand are pleasures forever more.”

Invitation to Intercede

If any of you can not attend this Tuesday, but are available to intercede for us during the Open Hours, please let us know this.   We love to receive words or texts from you if God gives you a word while interceding.  Texts have proven to be extremely accurate and exactly what the person (or the whole prayer team) needed to hear.

Whether you are with us in spirit or in person, we will be worshiping in praise and song one hour prior to being open.  Join us from wherever you find yourself.

Note:  We have already had a word that there will be issues dealing with the “heart” tomorrow.  Possibly a “heart transplant.”  Intercessors, please take note and see if the Lord adds to this.


IAHR San Francisco Training January 17 and 18

FYI, San Francisco will be launching a new Healing Rooms in the first quarter of this year.  Training will take place on January 17 and 18.  Sue Burdullis is coming up from Camarillo to do this training.  She is the Regional Coordinator for Central California (which, believe it or not, includes the California geographically from San Francisco to Camarillo) There is a Healing Service on Friday night January 17 for all who are interested.  Stephanie Shoquist will be also teaching two sessions on January 18.  For more information, you can check the schedule on our web site at  All people trained at this Healing Rooms are eligible to intern at any of the IAHR Healing Rooms.  It’s also a good refresher course for anyone who wants to revisit the information covered at a Healing Rooms training.

See you Tuesday January 7, 2014


Thank you for making Healing Prayer a priority to be able to come and see what God wants to do each time we are open.  You are God’s valuable and powerful prayer warriors.  We are blessed to have you on the team. Continue contending in prayer.  It is more powerful than you realize.


Bringing in the New Year with Joy and Expectant Hearts,



Stephanie Shoquist & Joanna Gill

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale CA

557 Hyannis Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087



Future Dates for your New 2014 Calendars!


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