SVHR Newsletter & Open Hours Jan 5, 2016

Happy New Year 2016. Photo courtesy of
Happy New Year 2016. Photo courtesy of

SVHR OPEN HOURS are January 5 from 11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm


The New Year brings New Hope.  Many different prophets are suggesting there will be increase, acceleration and abundance for the people of God.  For many saints, they persevere in overcoming temptations, sowing seeds, and fulfilling their destiny a long time before they see results.  It’s good to take stock of the spiritual highlights of last year as well as articulate in prayer the dreams and goals you and God are working on.  Many good things have unfolded and continue to unfold. Nonetheless I believe there’s MORE ahead for each of us and for Silicon Valley Healing Rooms.  David Hauser, our Regional Director for California says, “God’s best is yet to come!”  His full message is at the bottom of this newsletter.

I continue to hear for SVHR 2016, “Prepare to be amazed.”


Sometimes during Open Hours we notice certain requests coming up from visitors again and again.  This past Open Hours, many different visitors asked for prayer regarding marriage.  So we prayed for new ways to love spouses, for God’s love and purpose to pour into their families.  We asked for wisdom in how to proceed in challenging situations.  God showed various people pictures and message that offered hope.  One was a picture of a sunrise with the message that a new day is dawning.  One team member saw a rainbow for the visitor.  One team member heard, “The joy of the Lord is your strength. The answer is in being honest with the Lord.”  One prayer team members felt like singing the lyrics to the Christmas Carol, “We Three Kings” over the person.

One of our team members had some cancer cells removed over the holidays, and was declared cancer free.  She writes, “Praise God that He helped the doctor to identify the problem quick, remove it, and He cleansed me. So there is no residue of cancers in me at all.  Hallelujah!!  God doesn’t like any foreign object in my body.  We don’t like cancer and He doesn’t’ like it either.  He is a Holy God and He sanctifies us daily.  Praises be to His Name!!.  During the time of the unknown and waiting, He tenderly sat with me and comforted me.  He is NOT a God that keeps telling people to be strong disregarding their weaknesses.  He is really a patient God.  He understands and He cares.  He is loving and kind.  He is quiet in times of my storms, for His Presence overcomes all!  Hallelujah.” We praise God with our dear sister.


Robert Henderson was in town this weekend (Courts of Heaven author.)  He taught from Genesis and looked at the way Abraham prayed for Sodom and Gomorrah.  He reminded us that sometimes we need to not plead all the reasons why we think a person (or a city) should not be saved, or telling God why we want an individual to get healed.  Robert suggested praying for the destiny that is on a person’s life to be fulfilled.  God often shows us some aspect of a visitor’s gifting or destiny in praying for the unknown person ahead of time.  We then ask God to heal them so they can fulfill all that God has destined for that person to do in life.  This angle of request carries authority in the prayer.

As an example, one prayer team member heard, “Mother of many.”  The woman that walked in asked for prayer for pains in her uterus/intestinal area of the body.  We had just heard (in prayer) that God saw her as a mother of many. Currently she doesn’t’ have any children. So we believed what God said and asked for the pain to go away and for the uterus to be healed so that she could fulfill God’s purpose of being a mother. The pain left.  We await to hear further reports.


One intercessor writes, “I believe this will be a year of great courage and great joy in Jesus.  Both will be needed this year and I bless all who serve in that in doing so, you all will be blessed mightily….I saw Jesus on a white horse leading angels to Jeeti’s home for Tuesday. I saw peace being spread throughout the house with a huge paint brush.”  Praise God!

We need our team members healthy so they can come pray.  Please be praying.


Lana Vawser writes for 2016, “Get your baskets ready; it’s harvest time.  Not only will I restore to you tenfold what the enemy has stolen, broken and destroyed, I will add to you with greater increase, acceleration, and ABUNDANT restitution.”  (Restitution is defined as the act of restoring to the rightful owner something that has been taken away, lost –

May the Lord bless you all as you move toward God’s destiny for your lives.

We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and seeing what God will do.


Happy New Year,

Stephanie Shoquist, Susan Mitchell, and Jeeti Gill

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms

557 Hyannis Dr., Sunnyvale CA 94087


Open Hours:  1st & 3rd Tuesdays January 5 & 19, February 2 & 16.  March 1 & 15.

11 am – 1 pm open hours, and 7 pm – 9 pm


David Hauser’s Word for 2016

12 Things God Wants to Do in 2016: #1

During the month of December every ministry on the map is sending out their proclamations of what God is saying for 2016, including myself. I try to be respectful to what God may be saying through the different streams in the Body of Christ. When we hear God or move in the prophetic, we have been given specific Scriptures including God’s warning through His prophet in II Chronicles 18:13 ‘that he would only speak what God was saying’. This should be the cry of every legitimate prophetic voice. In light of that Scripture I would like to share what I believe I heard God say. There are at least 12 things God is saying for the coming year. For many people there was great loss in 2015 for a variety of reasons, but I truly believe that this will be a turn around year, as we look to be fulfilled and obey what God has been saying to each of us individually.

#1 January: Exodus 22:7 It’s important to catch a thief, and if we do we can demand a double fold return. What has been the thief in our lives? Could it be disappointment, fear, un-forgiveness, not doing what God has said to do, unbelief, or just being religious?

1. Have we become Christianize in the sense we go to church we pay our tithes and do all the things that good Christians do, except to love our neighbor, and follow the Holy Spirits promptings. It is not enough to say I’m a believer; but are you a disciple? A classic Scripture is Psalms 15:4, “He that swears to his own hurt and changes not.” Are we people of our word? Are we quick to forgive? Do we bless and not curse not just through our words, but also through our attitudes towards one another?

2. Isaiah 66:2, “To whom will I look but to him/her who is humble and contrite in spirit and trembles at my word.” The point is not to be judging one another, or to say I know what’s wrong with you. If we judge ourselves we will not be judge. Instead, say and motivate yourself to be open enough to be able to hear God speak to me. Remember those whom God uses are those who show up.

Therefore, in January ask God for a revelation of what the thief is! Take authority over it and speak life into that situation. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. God’s best is yet to come!

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