SVHR Newsletter and Open Hours February 18, 2104

Valentine's Day Originates with God's Love for Us
Valentine’s Day Originates with God’s Love for Us

WE ARE OPEN FEBRUARY 18 TWO TIMES  11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

February is a month to celebrate love with the anchor date being February 14, Valentine’s Day.  Love originates from God, who defines Himself as love.  That is pretty unique among all religions.  What we love transcends time and touches the heart of the father.


Psalm 40:5 says, “Many are your thoughts of us.”  If God is thinking of us, it is with love.  Part of our quiet time might be asking God what thoughts of love He has for us today.  Fill up on His love. Together we will listen to His love for the people who come for prayer.



Registration for 2014 Healing Rooms Training is now open!  Anyone can register by going directly to our web site at and looking for the 2014 Training HR Training Class Registration 2014 Button.  This will take you to the Registration form.  The class is four Thursday nights on March 6, 13, 20, and 27 from 6:45 to 9:45 at Daesung Presbyterian Church 425 Tasman Dr. Sunnyvale CA.  The cost is $49 before March 3 and $59 after March 3.




We had three amazing words from our  Intercessors that were shared during the Soaking Rooms before we started.  I share the Word about Supernatural Abundant Grace because it immediately became a favorite of the team and then was used to bless so many people throughout the day.  The word offered hope to many people.  It made grace accessible.


One woman came in with neck pain and stiffness.  At the end of the prayer, the neck pain was 50% less and she felt lighted, held her head higher and back straightened.  She came in with anxiety and left smiling. She’s planning to return in two weeks.


A woman came for prayer with the desire to root out the fear of car accidents, which was a carry over from trauma of previous incidents.  The team received in prayer before hand a picture of sheep, shepherd, barbed wire and Habakkuk 3:19.  The other prayer team members saw a dream with “let go to fly” and a picture with Asian trapeze.  They walked her through freedom and peace from PTSD of the accident.  The woman left more peaceful and interested in coming back.


Another woman came in for healing in her neck from a long time injury.  We prayed and she felt heat at first.  We prayed for other requested issues.  By the time she left, the pain level was down to a 1.


At the Gathering meeting on February 9, Keith Schaad made a point of telling us the three word prayer that brings more healing.  “Thank you Jesus.”  When they pray for people and they start to feel better, but not quite 100% pain free, they tell people to thank God for feeling 25% better or 50%.  “Thank you, Jesus!”  Praying this simple prayer continues to bring even more healing.  Lesson learned?  Thanksgiving brings more healing.



Smith Wigglesworth said, “The greatest sin in the world is to disbelieve God’s word.  If you want to go to hell, all you need to do is disbelieve the word of God.”  The contrary corollary is that the greatest strength in the world comes from believing God’s Word.  Psalm 107:20 says that “The Word went forth and it healed Him.”  John turns this directly toward Jesus when He starts his gospel identifying Jesus as “the Word.” “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.”


1 John 3:20 says that “God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.”  So God knows what’s wrong with each individual (sometimes over a doctor’s diagnosis).  We see this consistently played out as we pray for people listening to what God shows us in picture images or scriptures or phrases before we read their papers.  At some point in the appointment, we’ll share what God has revealed.  God knows the deepest root issues, and it’s often the key that unlocks the door to healing at every level.



For February 4 Open Hours we had three intercessor inputs.  I share them with you here.

1.         Supernatural Abundant Grace

One of our dear intercessors for the Silicon Valley Healing Rooms shared this insight as a suggestion before one our Open Hours.  The Prayer Team loved it for themselves, and found several visitors for whom it was very helpful and assuring.


The intercessor said that a sister who communed with God regularly in prayer, was told by our Lord Jesus that she could ask Him each day for His Supernatural Abundant Grace to be poured out on her for that day.  She said it changed her life.  Our intercessor started praying this prayer each day before she got out of bed in the morning and she says it has changed her life too.


2.         “A furious squall came up, and the waves broke over the boar, so that it was nearly swamped.”  But Jesus calms the storm with a word, calling us to focus on Him and have faith.  Mark 4:35-41


3.  Good Afternoon Beloved, just had to share this quote with you I came across from a Graham Cooke Book, “Warriors are breakthrough people. They interrupt the continuity of current events. They disrupt the enemy and make sure there is a disconnect between him and the local body. They disturb the religious and mess with traditions that keep people away from encountering the Lord.”


If any of you can not attend this Tuesday, but are available to intercede for us during the Open Hours, please let us know this.   We love to receive words or texts from you if God gives you a word while interceding.  Texts have proven to be extremely accurate and exactly what the person (or the whole prayer team) needed to hear.


Whether you are with us in spirit or in person, we will be worshiping in praise and song one hour prior to being open.  Join us from wherever you find yourself.


Thank you for making Healing Prayer a priority to be able to come and see what God wants to do each time we are open.  You are God’s valuable and powerful prayer warriors.  We are blessed to have you on the team. Continue contending in prayer.  It is more powerful than you realize.


Our God is all Powerful. Our God is Good, and our God is love.

He has compassion for all who come for prayer.


May you be full of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit.



Stephanie Shoquist & Joanna Gill

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale CA

557 Hyannis Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087





Tuesday February 18                11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday February 18                7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday March 4                     11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday March 4                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday March 18                   11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday March 18                    7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday April 1                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 1                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday April 15                     11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 15                      7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday May 6                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday May 6                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm




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