SVHR Newsletter & Open Hours Dec 2, 2014


Jesus honored Children and Insisted on Praying for them Directly
Jesus honored Children and Insisted on Praying for them Directly

SVHR is OPEN December 2 from 11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

December 2 Notes

Inclusive.  The family of God includes everyone who responds to God’s love.  Being a family member connects us to people all over the world who love God, worship God and follow His ways.  As we move from Thanksgiving to Christmas season this week, let us keep our eyes and hearts open to God’s children everywhere.  Christmas advertising has started with its message on gifts and family.  Not everyone around us has family or gift lists. The big secret at Christmas is how lonely people are and how empty people feel.  Let’s make it our job to seek out and pray for those who are having a difficult year this year without family members and without people to shop for or receive gifts from.  Let’s ask God to help us be sensitive to the people He puts on our heart to make them feel included and loved this Christmas season.

Allow Him to reappoint our extra busy days to meet people in their disappointments.  Through taking an extra few moments of conversation and prayer, we can link Jesus to their concerns by 1) means of introduction to Him, 2) specific answers in scripture and 3) meeting simple needs.  May this be an action Christmas through prayer.  Let’s include strangers.  Let’s include the disenfranchised.  Let’s include the forgotten ones.  Let us really see people, pray for them out loud, and be part of God’s action team. Let’s make it an inclusive Christmas season.


The team saw ahead of time a race car driver whooshing past a blurry wall.  God was delighted with this man’s joy and exhilaration, which was transferred to those watching. They saw this man established and smiling in a “fern gully.”  They saw midnight fireflies flying about.  There was brightness in the destination, like a City of Lights.   “Time to go!” When they turned the page over, the team realized the appointment was with a very young boy (and his mother) who wanted prayer for his lazy eye with poor vision, newly diagnosed.  The team prayed and the boy said his eyes were already clearer and he could see a little better.  The boy felt something very special at the SVHR because he wanted to stay and explore and visit every prayer station in the Healing Rooms.  He was very glad he came, and so was Mom.


One woman felt heat all through her body as the team prayed for her knee.  She saw a new bone growing.  She said her knee felt better.


One woman came in with weak, unsteady legs.  During the prayer time, she had a picture of Jesus and her “skipping” together.  At the end of the appointment, she felt stronger and steadier on her feet.


The team got several scriptures in advance of one man’s appointment.  When he arrived in the room, the team learned that he wanted prayer for his mom who was in the hospital.  The scripture that resonated the most was Proverbs 15:4,  “I speak words of life to others.”  He went home encouraged by praying with the prayer team and conscious of the words of life that were flowing out of his mouth.



My church kicked off Advent season with a sermon series on waiting.  They talked about the fact that both Simeon and Anna had been waiting for something for a long time.  They knew the answer when they saw the baby Jesus.  Simeon had been waiting for what?  For the Consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was upon him (Luke 2: 25).  We wait for revival.  We wait for answers to our prayers.  We can get frustrated in the waiting.  As my pastor said, “Waiting is inevitable.  Waiting on the Lord is an option.”  Some of us wait for our physical healing.  We wait for reconciliation with people, after the forgiveness prayers.  While we wait we can learn to grow toward God.  We can be ready.  In one instant, both Simeon and Anna knew the answer to their prayers had arrived. Maybe they hadn’t guessed it would be a baby coming in for dedication.  But their readiness had prepared them to know.  As we wait for big and small things, let us wait ready and alert for how and when God acts.



Reminder to intercessors to send along (email or text) whatever verses or phrases or picture images the Lord gives you as you pray for SVHR.  We read them in the Team Soaking time and then also share them to bless many of our visitors.

God stands ready in advance of our December 2 Open Hours to heal.


Your prayers during this Christmas season may usher in the biggest gift God has for people all year.  Let us meet to offer prayer as a blessing to all who come to  SVHR.  He brings healing in all He does.

Thank you for being on the team and coming to pray.  God knows in advance who is coming and He nudges the people to come accordingly.  Your experience and victory are powerful to bless the people you pray for.  Come and lend your faith.

To His glory,


Stephanie Shoquist, Susan Mitchell, and Cathy Railton

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms

557 Hyannis Dr.SunnyvaleCA94087


1st & 3rd Tuesdays (December 2 & 16, January 6 & 20)

11 am – 1 pm open hours

7 pm – 9 pm open hours




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