SVHR Newsletter and Open Hours April 1, 2014

We do not earn God's Love.  He loved us before we became "enough"  He Loves Us As We Are.
We do not earn God’s Love. He loved us before we became “enough” He Loves Us As We Are.

Open Hours April 1, 2014

WE ARE OPEN APRIL 1 TWO TIMES  11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

Our Healing Rooms is open again less than one week after our class ends.

We have new Intern applications from the class, but probably will not have many joining us this Tuesday.  The feedback from the class was very positive, with Breakout Groups being the Number One thing that people enjoyed the most.  Thank you to all of you who came and lead these breakout sessions.  It truly makes the difference.  We hope the class energized those who participated seeing all the new enthusiasm of the attendees.  Truly this class helps make healing a normal part of every Christian’s prayer life.


There were healings during our class time in the Breakout sessions as people prayed.  Some of them have been captured on video to share.

One woman in a breakout session asked for prayer for fibromyalgia.  We prayed for this.  Of all the people in our 90+ people class, there was another woman in our breakout session who had been healed miraculously of fibromyalgia.  These things are not a coincidence.  The woman who no longer has fibromyalgia had received prayer with no immediate results. But then, a few days later, all her symptoms left her body and she never experienced the illness again. It’s been several years since this miracle.  So we had the woman who had gained her victory through God’s healing come and lay hands on the woman asking for this in prayer imparting the faith to believe for her healing.  There always seems to be extra blessing given when a person can build their faith from the testimonies of those who have been healed of exactly the same illness.  We then prayed over the words that God had given each member of the team as an additional blessing.

In this newsletter, I want to share the story of one woman who came to our Healing Rooms last month.  In her case, the original prayer request was for something that comes with time, so we couldn’t tell if there was a difference before she left.  In the meanwhile, the prayer team prayed for a few things that God showed the team.  She was very blessed and eventually blogged about this.  I share her Healing Rooms story below.  You can read the full blog at

“I went to this healing prayer room thing my friend Susan invited me to. I was suspicious and mainly went to see what it was like. I was kind of worried Susan was joining a cult. Susan is one of the most logical people I know. When you want to talk with your level headed, grounded friend– you call Susan. And the things she was telling me about this prayer experience had me curious and a tad bit concerned. One thing for sure, I was not drinking any Kool-Aid.

So I went.

And it was… SO MUCH.

Weird. Lovely. Brilliant. Huge. Amazing.

Let me say that I express my faith in a pretty low key way. I know others connect with God in a more charismatic way, but it’s not how it works for me. I am not given to shouting and stomping and being slain in the Spirit. I once stopped attending a church because the pastor said you weren’t worshiping if you weren’t clapping and waving your arms in the air.

So, what I am about to say is quite SOMETHING:

The Holy Spirit was there. Prayers were prayed and feelings were felt and it was so big and bright it took up all my seeing space and made me blink in the Light of it.

I’m still trying to take it all in. And I mean IN.

Two people prayed for me and what they felt or got or whathaveyou  was that God thinks I am enough. Enough.

God is throwing a come as you are party and I can come.

This has been something I know. Of course. Duh.

But really, I haven’t. Not for a while. I tend to default to thinking IF, ONLY or WHEN… THEN I will be happy, healthy, smart, good, right… Enough.

I’m still taking it all in. IN.

IN to the parts of me that lost her way to being ENOUGH because she was waiting for IF, ONLY and WHEN.”


God gives us dreams and visions for our lives.  These are His design plans for life.  With a dream and vision we add discipline to accomplish these dreams as goals.  If we are Christian we add prayer and ask for God’s guidance and alignment.  Then we add faith and persistence and steadiness.  We know that faith and obedience remove mountains of obstacles.  Mark 11:23. Many see their dreams become achievements.

As Christians, we can ask God what His dreams and objectives are for our lives.  Many times His has big and bold ideas for us that seem impossible.  He gives us His Holy Spirit.  With the arrival of the Holy Spirit comes a Holy boldness to carry out what His plans are on earth. Acts 1:8. In God’s timing and when He says “Go,” miracles unfold.

The Healing Rooms is a place where we welcome and seek out God’s supernatural spirit to come and do all that we know and believe Him to be.  We are making the supernatural natural.  As we extend our faith to take the Bible at its word, and praying for healing, (Mark 16:17) God matches this by coming and doing what only God can do.  We extend our faith on behalf of those we pray for, and God does His part – the impossible and we see people get healed, understand a truth in their heart (and not just their head) and we see people set free through forgiveness and the power of God’s love for them.


Thank you for our intercessors!

If any of you can not attend this Tuesday, but are available to intercede for us during the Open Hours, please let us know this.   We love to receive words or texts from you if God gives you a word while interceding.  Texts have proven to be extremely accurate and exactly what the person (or the whole prayer team) needed to hear.

Whether you are with us in spirit or in person, we will be worshiping in praise and song one hour prior to being open.  Join us from wherever you find yourself.


Thank you for making Healing Prayer a priority to be able to come and see what God wants to do each time we are open.  You are God’s valuable and powerful prayer warriors.  We are blessed to have you on the team. Continue contending in prayer.  We have been blessed to see people in the Healing Rooms come back again and again.  Change is possible and we are seeing it.  Is there anything more amazing than watching God transform a person to being all He created them to be?

May you be full of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit,

Stephanie Shoquist & Joanna Gill

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale CA

557 Hyannis Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087



Tuesday April 1                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 1                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday April 15                     11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 15                      7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday May 6                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday May 6                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday May 20                      11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday May 20                       7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


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