SVHR Newsletter and Open Hours March 18, 2014

We have the Privilege of Partnering with God When We Ask in Prayer for the Visitors to the Healing Rooms
We have the Privilege of Partnering with God When We Ask in Prayer for the Visitors to the Healing Rooms

Open Hours March 18, 2014

WE ARE OPEN MARCH 18 TWO TIMES  11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

We are halfway through the Silicon Valley Healing Rooms and Milpitas Healing Rooms Training class of 2014.  We have over 70 attendees representing 31 different churches.  We pray that all the churches represented are blessed by the training.  Our intercessors see seeds being planted in the attendees that will go deep and far.



Our last Open Hours on 3.4.2014 saw God do amazing wonders.  Here are a few stories:


1.  A man came who had had a business call from a woman who had been to our Healing Rooms 3 or 4 times over the last 6 months.  She listened to him in a call that afternoon on the phone and suggested he check out the Silicon Valley Healing Rooms.  His car was in the shop so he didn’t have immediate transportation.  He looked us up on the web to see when and where in Sunnyvale we meet.  He realized that we met that very evening.  Then he realized we meet 3 blocks from where he lives.  So he decided to walk over.  He did and was amazed.  On his paper, he simply said he was going through a few things.  In the appointment, they learned his mother had just passed. She was his only living relative.  He had left his job to take care of her, and now needed a new one.  He was in between churches so didn’t have a church family to carry him through this time.  With prayer, he felt loved and supported.  The skin ailment he asked for prayer for completely disappeared.  He walked away feeling like he wasn’t all alone in the world because people cared.  He said he will be back.


2.    One prayer team prayed for a woman who wanted to be free from all anxiety.  Ahead of time one prayer team member saw a young girl with a crown who was carefree and playing.  And she saw Psalm 37:4.  The other team member saw a Spanish dancer.  When the team prayed for all fear to go to the feet of Jesus, the woman said (later) she could hardly breathe at that moment.  She exhaled successfully and felt like she really was giving all her fear to Jesus at the cross.  Then she took a new breath (deep gulp) and said it felt very different.  The Spanish dancer image spoke to her because she had a relative who was from Mexico and she happened to know a lot about Spanish dancing.  Only God could have known that.  Once again we saw God meet people where they are at to let them know He sees and cares and is ready to walk them out of where they’re out into a new place of hope.   The woman said she felt taller at the end of the prayer.


3.  One prayer team member saw the word faith, and Hebrews 11:1.  The other prayer team member saw a white pain jar.  Then God started adding colors.  She sensed a new creativity was coming into the woman’s life.  She wrote down the colors red, yellow and purple.  When the woman walked into the room, she had been at the art table drawing with the crayons that were there.  She had created a piece of art that said “Trust God” and it was outlined in the colors red, yellow and purple.  While she was creating, God saw it and told the prayer team member what the colors were.  The woman was blown away that these specific colors were written down on paper before she walked in the room.


4.  One woman came for prayer on several things, including back pain and sciatica.  After the team prayed, they asked her how the pain was doing. She paused for a long time and said she was trying to locate where the pain was because it had improved so much.  She rated it as having gone from a 6 pain level to a 2.  (The team taught her the three word prayer that brings more results: “Thank you Jesus.”)  She said she felt like she had received a net full of things during her appointment.  They prayed against fear and prayed for her Identity in Christ to become real.


5.  One woman let out a cry when a prayer team was praying when we said it was time to march forward into the next season of her life.  She asked us if we realized what day it was?  We hadn’t given it any thought.  The woman had woken up that morning determined to find a new place to live and move on with the things God had in her life.  It was March 4 and she was marching forth.  The prayer minister prayed the same words at 10:00 the same night without any awareness of the morning thoughts of the woman.  She received it as tremendous confirmation.


We see some people come to the Healing Rooms as a last ditch effort for help.  It can feel like they are prisoners of war.  They come and we pray.


God gives the Healing Rooms Prayer Team members the Battering Ram of scripture, fueled by testimonies of saints to pummel these false walls of the enemy that seem so real.  The walls of unbelief, “I just can’t see how”  come down and the SON shines into those dungeon prisons.  The fresh air (the atmosphere) gobbles up the musty smells.  The scripture promises break off the shackles of lies  Instead of being closed in by past victories of enemy forces, the hope faith of the Good Army winning has become reality.


The terrorizing sound of horses arriving reveals white steeds with armored angels who whisk up our prayer targets, dirty and discouraged. The angels look like knights who drop our Healing Rooms Visitors onto their horses behind them whispering, “Hang On,” as they gallop out of the war zone to the pastures beyond the prison walls.  The knights stop at the creek for water and sustenance before continuing the spiritual journey to the eternal city.


Prisoners, look up!  Look up and believe.  Hold fast the scripture promises of hope.  There are army angels on horses on assignments for each of God’s precious children (no matter how grungy they are having been in dungeons).  The army angels know the perfect time to ride forth in this epic battle.  They come with victory.  Your shouts for help direct them to your exact location.  They carry the design maps to the prison and know every nook and cranny  so they can find you.


For more on this vision, see,


Thank you for our intercessors!


If any of you can not attend this Tuesday, but are available to intercede for us during the Open Hours, please let us know this.   We love to receive words or texts from you if God gives you a word while interceding.  Texts have proven to be extremely accurate and exactly what the person (or the whole prayer team) needed to hear.


Whether you are with us in spirit or in person, we will be worshipping in praise and song one hour prior to being open.  Join us from wherever you find yourself.




Thank you for making Healing Prayer a priority to be able to come and see what God wants to do each time we are open.  You are God’s valuable and powerful prayer warriors.  We are blessed to have you on the team. Continue contending in prayer.


God is continuing to answer the prayers that have been prayed from earlier this month, earlier this year, and everything from last year as well.  Prayers are more powerful than we realize.


May you be full of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit,



Stephanie Shoquist & Joanna Gill

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale CA

557 Hyannis Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087





Tuesday March 18                   11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday March 18                    7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday April 1                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 1                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday April 15                     11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 15                      7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday May 6                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday May 6                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday May 20                      11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday May 20                       7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm




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