SVHR Newsletter and Open Hours February 4, 2014

Dear Silicon Valley Healing Rooms Prayer Team, and Friends,

Open Hours February 4, 2014

WE ARE OPEN FEBRUARY 4  TWO TIMES  11am – 1pm and 7pm – 9pm

tree with mustard field

My family just celebrated my Dad’s 80th birthday.  He’s in great health.  His younger brother just got a clean bill of health from his oncologist for overcoming cancer in the neck.  So many families come together and talk about all their ailments.  What a blessing to come together and talk about the good things God is doing in all our lives.  Praise is a powerful activation tool for God’s goodness to unfold in our lives.


Last time we met, we had a record amount of visitors come to our Healing Rooms throughout the day.  We also had a record number of team members attend to be ready for the visitors – including a new team member.  God did amazing things and people were blessed at many levels.



Silicon Valley Healing Rooms will be combining efforts with several other Healing Rooms in the Bay Area to conduct a Training Class in March 2014.

Earmark 4 Thursdays in March:  March 6, March 13, March 20 and March 27 from 6:45 to 9:45 each night.

Stay tuned for sign up information in separate email and on the web site.




The team prayed ahead of time for a woman and saw a broken heart that needed binding up.  The written prayer need was about a two month old cough and anxiety.  There were various pains in different parts of the body.  When the woman came in, she added that she was frustrated with her allergist.  They lead the woman in a prayer of forgiveness of the allergy doctor for mis-diagnosis.  The team broke despair, hopelessness and some other things off the person.  The woman saw Jesus in the doctor’s room telling her, “Do not fear.  I am with you.”  This was the first time the woman sensed Jesus was with her in this healing journey.  She felt tremendous peace.


Another woman came in asking for prayer for sinus issues with chills at various times during the day.  The prayer team had written down, before she walked in Isaiah 58:8.

“Then your light shall break forth like the morning (after fasting)

Your healing shall spring forth speedily.

Your righteousness shall go before you

The glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard

During the prayer time, the woman felt tremendous heat when the prayer minister laid hands on her shoulder.  She left very blessed.


The Prayer Team saw, ahead of time, Jesus calling the woman “her little princess.”  No more weeping.  Jesus draws her out, and shows her an ocean—still with the sun rising.  Jesus says, “It’s time for promises.”  No prayer requests written down on the page ahead of time.

The woman came in because she had been let go from her job  She was told her performance wasn’t what they wanted, despite meeting and exceeding goals set for her.    She was greatly comforted by the picture ahead of time.




Acts 6:8  “Stephen, full of faith and power, did great wonders and signs among the people.”  The Holy Spirit could do amazing things through Stephen because he believed God, and God is with the person who dares to believe God’s word.  Because Stephen was full of the Holy Spirit, God could fulfill His purposes through him.  When a child of God is filled with the Holy Spirit, we fill up to the point of spilling out in prayer for others full of faith and expectation.


The Spirit of God will always reveal the Lord Jesus Christ.  We serve and love Jesus as we ask to be filled with more of Jesus. He promises to make Himself known to us through the Holy Spirit.  He is willing to fill us with the power of the Holy Spirit and faith just as He filled Stephen.


As we go into these Open Hours on February 4, our prayer for our Team Members is that God fills them with faith and power.




If any of you can not attend this Tuesday, but are available to intercede for us during the Open Hours, please let us know this.   We love to receive words or texts from you if God gives you a word while interceding.  Texts have proven to be extremely accurate and exactly what the person (or the whole prayer team) needed to hear.


Whether you are with us in spirit or in person, we will be worshipping in praise and song one hour prior to being open.  Join us from wherever you find yourself.




Thank you for making Healing Prayer a priority to be able to come and see what God wants to do each time we are open.  You are God’s valuable and powerful prayer warriors.  We are blessed to have you on the team. Continue contending in prayer.  It is more powerful than you realize.


Our God is all Powerful. Our God is Good, and our God is love.

He has compassion for all who come for prayer.


May you be full of faith and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Stephanie Shoquist & Joanna Gill

Silicon Valley Healing Rooms, Sunnyvale CA

557 Hyannis Dr. Sunnyvale CA 94087





Tuesday February 4                  11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday February 4                  7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday February 18                11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday February 18                7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday March 4                     11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday March 4                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday March 18                   11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday March 18                    7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm


Tuesday April 1                        11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 1                       7 pm to 9 pm  Soaking starts at 6:00 pm

Tuesday April 15                     11 am to 1 pm  Soaking starts at 10:00 am

Tuesday April 15                      7 pm to 9 pm   Soaking starts at 6:00 pm





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